1. Heritage Based Design

TUTERA promotes integrating heritage in all architectural designs. Giving a site new vitality while at the same time preserving its value, can make history visible in any proposed innovative city. The design must be based on the cultural heritage of ancient Egypt, using the correct meanings, symbols, and architectural and artistic attributes of the ancient Egyptian civilization

2. Interactive with Sun & Nature

TUTERA designs demands the creation of unique ways of navigating and occupying space by integrating with nature using . The proposed systems in buildings have the ability to respond with nature. As initially established, the technology is the prime driver behind the adoption of interactive spaces as a design paradigm in Architecture and it will be its evolution that will determine the future directions of Interactive Architecture with nature using technology.

3. Storytelling Architecture Design

The design must include a message conveyed through the design idea, its meanings, symbols, and artistic architectural attributes. This message must be clearly directed to any user.
Translating the concept of storytelling into form involves a spatial language that reveres the past, fits present needs, and is adaptable to future use. The story of ancient Egypt is always evolving, always growing, always changing.

4. Futuristic Architecture Design

TUTERA is considered a futuristic rethinking of the aesthetic and functionality of rapidly growing cities. It adopts technological developments aesthetically presenting a highly imaginative and exciting style.

We let our imaginations run free, challenge design conventions, and design structures that look straight out of a sci-fi movie.

5. High-tech Architecture:

We incorporate elements of new high-tech industries and advanced construction techniques into building designs. TUTERA presents the importance to the object itself rather than the object being a functional use of space. It aims to achieve a new industrial aesthetic, inspired by technological progress and the computerization of industry.

6. Originality

TUTERA architecture is intended to be original as an art. Protection of our architectural work extends to the overall form as well as the arrangement and composition of spaces and elements in the design. This originality requirement means only that the work was independently created by the designer and that it possesses at least some minimal degree of creativity

The most significant challenge for TUTERA architecture as a profession is understanding, acknowledging and broadcasting its value.

7. Creativity & Innovation

TUTERA provides an outlet for creative expression that leads society to look at their living space and the overall environment in different ways. We investigate creative and innovative thinking standards of architectural designs and test the effectiveness on ancient Egyptian inspired designs.


Royalty have always led the way. TUTERA sets trends rather than merely following fashions adding our own fresh spin to the hottest drops.


TUTERA Fashion promotes not only wearable clothes but have a double function and incorporate technology to help or support people in various ways. Clothes that are composed of intelligent material, containing micro sensors that measure the heartbeat, location and speed of the wearer. It is about combining various applications into a new design.


TUTERA captures the imagination with ultimate timeless and inspiring masterpiece designs that both us and customers find true pride in.


This includes: Respect for nature: The designer protects the planet by sourcing as many sustainable materials as possible such as cashmere, organic cotton or fibers which are traceable and sourced from renewable sources.

Respect for animals: TUTERA promotes cruelty free methods and treats animals and their habitats with respect.

Circular Solutions: using regenerative and restorative production methods.


Behind every piece we wear are countless stories. The design must include a message conveyed through the design idea, its meanings, symbols, and fashion attributes.


Because everyone should feel like they rule in their kingdom. Serious attractiveness is all about the trims, from the subtle embellishments to the metallic embroidery. Rich, Strong in style, unique in attitude.


TUTERA produces completely fresh, new ideas that had never been seen before. We take a trend, past or present, and make it modern or put our own twist on it, akin to innovation.