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A Fusion of All Kind of Art. Performing, Music, Crafts, Fashion, Jewelry Designs and Much More.


Presenting Movie And Animation Design, Scientific Papers, Book Series and Virtual Platform Experience.


TUTERA is a contemporary intellectual trend for a new generation of creators and designers from all over the world in various fields of arts and architecture to complement the Ancient Egyptian beauty & spirit in a way that fits today’s lifestyle and be relevant in today’s context. TUTERA seeks to restore the glory of Egypt as well as drawing international attention to Egypt, sensing a gap in the market for true luxurious products.
We are a collective group of passionate creatives with various talents and specialties. We draw our inspiration from our ancient Egyptian roots and incorporate them in our designs in a contemporary manner. Our goal is to emancipate our culture and civilization beyond museums and textbooks by demonstrating the power and beauty of integrating ancient Egyptian history into everyday life. Therefore, we have established a creative network to showcase various designs inspired by ancient Egypt in hopes of fostering creatives into blending our beloved heritage into their work. 
As a platform dedicated to showcasing designs inspired by ancient Egypt, we are committed to guaranteeing optimum visibility and development opportunities to our designers, producers and customers. If you are looking to showcase your conceptual designs, we will provide you with the space to do so. If you are looking to develop a unique design inspired by ancient Egypt, we will help connect you with your ideal designer.  Or, if you are simply seeking to gather creative inspiration for your next design, TUTERA will guide you through their latest projects as well as other marvelous works from across the globe.